I’m a PhD student based at school of design University of Edinburgh. The focus of my PhD is on Disruptive design and Technological fluency.

Technological fluency means:

Technological fluency is the ability to be creative with technology; it is a vital component in a participatory culture in which the design, use, and evaluation of technologies is an open process that goes beyond the purview of experts (Lukens 2012)

Disruptive design means:

Form of practice in design, where designers primary aim is to raise awareness about a certain technology, beyond practice and thinking broadly about technology, interrelationship between in- formation resources, technological structures, and market forces (National Research Council, Committee on Information Technology Literacy 1999).

I am conducting a practice based research and I developed two substantial pieces of work

  1. Investigating some of the approaches that we collect information about people online through social media and in response I developed a gossip technology.
  2. Investigating how advertising companies such as google filter knowledge and information and how we can disrupt this, in response to the theories, I developed open bubble an open source browser extension that will mimic the behavior of the users and tries to diversify users’ online persona.

#Supervisors: I am very fortunate to have the following supervisors alphabetically:

Author: Hadi Mehrpouya

Github: https://github.com/Mehrpouya

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